elearning with a wow-factor from the experts in Articulate 360

Here at Cursim, we understand what makes learning design truly universal. By applying our expertise in user experience, graphic design and learning best practice, we create digital learning content that is uncluttered, intuitive and memorable.

We take the time to understand you, your people and your goals.  Combining our years of expertise in learning design with your unique business insights, we know how to design elearning that is effective whilst delivering a wow factor to your learners.

Using cutting-edge technology and great learning design is just the beginning, our aim is to make digital learning the most exciting part of your business, and create show-stopping elearning for you, every time.

Mobile learning

What is amazing about mobile learning is that a universal digital language exists already in our world – one which learners are intrinsically familiar with. By putting learning content into the palms of your people, you open up a whole realm of learning that is available at the swipe of a button.

We will work with you to establish the best design and application of learning content to make sure it really works on a mobile platform for your learners, and makes the most of the opportunity to learn on-the-go.


Come on then, let’s talk about gamification! Taking gaming elements to trigger motivation and competitiveness whilst making your people learn along the way, getting gamification right and applying it to your digital learning is both science and art. It’s the kind of challenge we thrive on here at Cursim.

Let us show you how you can inject creativity into your digital learning within a gamified context and take your elearning to the next level, literally.

Extended realities

The future is here, and it’s time to step into an alternate reality – a place your people can visit, explore, learn, safely fail and experiment. A parallel reality, that feels so real, learners leave being unable to forget the experience.

This is where we plug in awe-inspiring learning experiences, using virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video.  Ever-evolving technology melts away the limitations of time, space and cost. It’s now more feasible than ever to introduce this sphere of learning to your people. Are you ready to let us show you how?

Software Simulations

Successful software training is about simplifying the complex, allowing your learners to cut through the digital noise and focus on the functional part of using software.

We know how to do exactly that. Streamlining the experience, we create software simulations that provide an elegant, painless route to user capability that put your learners in control of the learning. We create digital software simulations that work – simple.