Employee development in a digital world

This year has brought a whole new perspective to digital learning. Covid-19 has forced people away from the office and into newly remote roles. But businesses aren’t coming to a halt. We’re all trying to adapt to our ‘new normal’. And employee development should not stop.
So, how can we continue employee development, in this new, hyper-digital world?

Upskill your workforce

Upskilling will not only help your employees, but will also help your organisation growth.
Your learners are likely worried about the future of both work and the world. Even if your business is booming – the working world is dramatically changing. And it’s your job to reassure your employees. Investing time and money into upskilling will not only reassure your employees, but will show your commitment to their future.
In addition, upskilling your workforce will help your organisation become stronger, in light of further business pressures. CEO of Hays, Alistair Cox, summed up the power of reskilling well in saying ” it’s those companies that spend time and resource in investing in the training and development of their people now, that will likely emerge at the other end in the best possible situation.”
At the relaunch event of Omniplex’s eLearning Community, Stacy Adams, Head of Marketing @ Vyond spoke about upskilling employees with video. Little did we know how timely that presentation would be. You can watch back to the presentation, here.

Focus on behavioural skills

Did you know that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030, don’t exist yet? Reports from Gallup and IBM show that behavioural skills will be the most crucial to help employees through digital transformation.
Focus on training your employees on relationship building, critical thinking and change management. It’ll help them both now, and way into the future.
Teaching these skills remotely is simple, if you have the right tools and resources. If you have the skillset and capacity in-house to build your own behavioural skills courses, then great! You can personalise these courses in the way your organisation sees fit. If not, investing in off-the-shelf digital learning, that you can easily tweak, is a great route to take.

Facilitate social learning

Many of us are feeling a little lonely due to social distancing and the other repercussions of Covid-19. So, being able to integrate social aspects to learning will be well-received by your employees right now – especially the remote ones.
Use the 70:20:10 model to develop learning that aids employee development. Help your learners learn new skills, while communicating and engaging with their colleagues – it’s a great way to improve employee morale, as well as development! Plus, integrating social learning is a great way of improving learner participation in your digital learning cotent.
So, there you have it, three top tips to aid employee development in this increasingly digital world.