Is it possible to be passionate about eLearning content?

Yes it is.

At Cursim, we take a different approach to eLearning, which is based on years of experience, continuous refinement and a structured approach. And though structure is not a word that is often paired with passion, it is one that delivers results for our clients.

As for our passion…well, it is found in our unyielding commitment to learning and empowering those with knowledge. See? That’s how structure and passion work together.

Bottom line. Our goal is  to create custom, beautiful and engaging eLearning content that ‘wows’ our clients AND their learners.

It’s just that simple.

How do we do this?

Engaging eLearning content begins with collaboration.

It all starts with a collaborative approach.

We feel if we work closely with your team we can mold ourselves around your capabilities and knowledge and then better suit your needs. In effect, this means we can either fulfill the whole course development cycle or offer resources for any stage of the eLearning development cycle. Meaning, we can create your eLearning for you or train your staff to do it on their own. Our clients benefit from our “plug in” “plug out” options, which enhance their eLearning development capabilities.

We include instructional design phases to better understand the needs of your audience.

The next step… superior instructional design.

Our aim is to achieve excellence in Instruction Design (ID). We want learning that encourages students to apply and use their knowledge and doesn’t just provide a simple level of comprehension and recall.

Our ID values are relevant, applicable and engaging.

We like video, audio and pictures. We don’t like lots of words. So, we use a lot of visuals to tell a story. Not only does it assist the learning process, but proper use of imagery creates a better overall aesthetic and user experience.


Awesome graphic design, always.

We will incorporate amazing graphic design into each and every course we touch. Graphic design makes a difference. Effective design creates a seamless experience and enables our first class course content to shine through.

Our GD values are:

  • Be on brand – We follow your corporate brand guidelines
  • Be current – Fresh, contemporary design style
  • Be cohesive – Design is consistent throughout
  • Be focused – Not just design for design sake, it emphasizes course content
  • Be balanced – Use white space that allows course content to breathe

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