Wireframe is the second step in our eLearning content development process.Process: Wireframe

We work together to define a wireframe for the different aspects of the program. The wireframe phase of the SDC development cycle splits into three strands; Graphical, Learning and Technical.

Graphical Wireframe

The graphical wireframe tells you how things are going to look. And design is important. If your course looks flaky, your learners are not going to take it seriously, even though it might have the best educational content around. As part of the graphical wireframe process, we study any brand or corporate style guidelines you have. We talk with your marketing people to establish the ways your organization likes to express itself graphically. If you don’t have any formal guidelines, we work with your team to look at existing materials, both digital and print to establish our design cues. Once we’ve done that, we put on our best design hats and work out how we can best convey your material in a creative, engaging way, taking into account your guidelines.


1 hour virtual session with your program leader, your graphics leader, Cursim lead designer and Cursim graphics designer.


Wireframe Graphical Specification Document

The Wireframe Graphical Specification is a document which shows you our ideas and options for the look and feel for your learning. If the project is an e-learning course, we’ll deliver screen shots for different types of screen ranging from simple text and graphics through sample interactions to different questions and quizzes. If the project is a virtual classroom, we produce screen shots for your PowerPoint, instructor guide template and any course materials. The best thing is, because of our collaborative approach, you can use this look and feel not just on your first course, but going forward yourselves …

Wireframe Graphical Learning Asset Designs

These are our web-based mockups of your design. They’ll give you an idea of how each page will look and behave in real-life. They just won’t have any hard learning content in.

Learning Wireframe

The learning wireframe describes the following.

Who? Who are the audience personas for the learning?

What? What does each persona need to learn to do?

How? What are the learning events which are going to shape this learning?


½ day – 1 day workshop session with your program leader, your SME leader and Cursim lead designer.


Wireframe Learning Specification Document

Technical Wireframe

The technical wireframe looks at the technical landscape of the course. We think it’s important early on in the project to look at what the learner is going to use to access the learning and how the learning is deployed and accessed. We work with your team to identify the technical issues relevant to the project. Whether it’s the browser you run, whether you have headphones or fighting with your Learner Management System, we prefer to work with you to understand these aspects as early as we can.


1 hour virtual session with your program leader, your technical leader and Cursim technical lead.


Wireframe Technical Specification Document

The Wireframe Technical Specification details all the technical considerations for the learning and also plans how we need to test those considerations. We think it’s important to describe where responsibility lies.

Wireframe Test Pod

The Wireframe Test Pod is a test course designed for deployment in your target learning environment. The course will contain a full range of examples of content including any videos, audios and interactions to test for their operation. The Test Pod will also include a scored assessment to test for usage, completion and passing within your target learning system.

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