Ignition is the first step in the content development processIgnition

Project initiation begins with discovery. We seek to understand your objectives to better serve your needs.


We listen to you to understand:

Why? What are the underlying organizational objectives for creating your learning?

Who? Who are the critical personnel in your organization who are going to make it happen?

When? What are the key events that are driving the requirement?

What? What is the broad scope of the learning and the potential learning experiences?


½ day workshop session with your program sponsor, your program leader, Cursim lead designer and Cursim account manager.


Ignition Specification Document

This is a multi-page document we produce for you that is the first stage of our collaborative process. The Ignition document describes who the audience is, what they need to learn and our overall plan to make it happen. Also, it summarizes what we want you to do and how we collaborate.

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