Blueprint is the 3rd step in our content development process.


We work together to produce a full blueprint for the learning assets which describe all the components of the program with full description of text, graphical, interaction, audio and video.


You wouldn’t shoot a film without a script, and we wouldn’t develop learning without a blueprint. We work with your subject matter experts to produce the important detail for each learning point and the course overall. In this stage, we discuss and agree all the fine detail – what’s on each screen, what is spoken, what’s seen, how each interaction works, the questions we ask and what happens when they are answered.


1 day workshop session with your program leader, your SME leader and Cursim lead designer.


Blueprint Learning Specification Document

The Blueprint is the culmination of all the work we’ve done in this and the earlier stages. It provides a screen by screen description of the learning. The document describes all the text, the graphics we plan to use, the audio that will be spoken, the video script, interactions, questions, quizzes and assessments.

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