Bringing everything to life. All design and content details are added, making a program whole.

Actualization Phase 1

This is where the action happens. In this stage, we create the learning. We take the blueprint, the graphical and technical wireframes and turn them into real learning. This first phase delivers the first release: Actualization Phase 1.  This release is designed to be tested by our target audience against what we wanted the learning to do.

Actualization Phase 2

Taking the feedback from Phase 1, we can fine tune the learning, making sure it really delivers what we need. The next release, Actualization Phase 2, is designed for detailed testing. Picking up all those little bits and pieces that were missed in the first phase and checking through all the nooks and crannies.


Actualization Release

Taking any issues identified in Phase 2 testing, we make the last changes and tighten all the bolts so the learning is ready for release.

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