Effective eLearning content begins with an effective process.

The secret to our success? Structure. Hmmm, doesn’t sound very enticing, but yet it’s the very thing that ensures we deliver a product that meets your objectives. The Cursim Structured Development Model (SDM) is the foundation of all our learning development. The SDM provides a clear roadmap that describes each stage of development and its activities. We encourage and train customers to adopt this structure in-house as part of our collaborative approach.

Structured Development Model (SDM)

Our goal is to create a structured environment where organizations can grow their capability by drawing on our experience.

As part of our SDM, we offer a variety of training packages to help with all aspects of eLearning projects. That way, we can make sure you can build the skills you need to take on as much or as little development as you want.

For clients, the SDM:

  • Provides the real key for “rapid development”.
  • Lays out a clear set of stages for producing e-learning and documents the activities, players and responsibilities in each stage.
  • Provides a transparent framework for our collaborative interaction with our clients and enables them to set expectations internally and schedule resources appropriately.
  • Enables us to help organizations receive best practice training within the project.

The Cursim SDM falls into a number of distinct phases.

The structured phases enable you to dovetail your program into our resources so we provide exactly what you need.

first phase of Cursim content development process


Project initiation begins with discovery. We seek to understand your objectives to better serve your needs.

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eLearning Wireframe


We begin to add structure, providing the starting point for the look and feel of the program.

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Third phase of Cursim content development process


A full map of your training program, with each step identified and all components outlined.

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Fouth phase of Cursim content development process


Bringing everything to life. All design and content details are added, making a program whole.

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Fifth phase of Cursim content development process


What does the future hold? This is where we determine the future of the program and how it can grow or change.

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