Get your learners ‘leaning forward’ with great eLearning interactions

When first sitting down to write this blog, I thought I would just distil the essence of “good interactions”. Easy, right? All I have to do is to expound on the definition of interaction and the elements that we consider to make an interaction “good.” However, the more I thought about the topic, the more Read more »

Six-cess: Six secrets of software simulation in Storyline 2

The title’s a tongue-twister, I know. But, the eLearning software simulation element of Articulate Storyline 2 is a great feature. When we cover simulation in our certified training program, everyone is amazed at how quick and easy it is to produce great results. Also, the apparent magic of the automatic instruction captions, never fails to delight. Read more »

The ABCs of the eLearning Content Development Stages

Well, technically the title should read “The A, B… Gs of the eLearning Content Development Phase”. The acronyms, of course, standing for “Alpha”, “Beta” and “Gold”. Regardless of the names, I wanted to talk about what each of these stages of eLearning content development involves. And believe me; in my experience as project manager, designer and developer, I’ve Read more »

DESIGN: More Than Colour Schemes & Fonts

When it comes to designing a course, focusing on the content as well as the audience is important. When thinking of design, our minds tend to default to a visual array of images, colours, fonts and layouts.  There is nothing incorrect with this mind-set, however, when it comes to overall design there are some additional considerations Read more »

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