Posts from March 2015

When Should I Use Rapid Development?

Business moves fast and whatever product or service you’re providing, chances are you have customers who want it yesterday. Developing eLearning content is no different and when you ask what the go-live date is, the answer is often “ASAP” or “last week!” These timescales are a by-product of the pressures you can find in any Read more »

E-Learning Weekly Challenges in 4 Easy Steps

We had a chance to sit down with Josh Stoner, Cursim’s expert content developer, to see how he tackles Articulate’s E-Learning Weekly Challenges at E-Learning Heroes. These challenges are open ended, meaning everything from the look and feel to the interactions and content is all up to the developer. Josh uses Articulate Storyline 2 as Read more »

5 Tips for Creating Winning Quizzes

1. Adjust the ADDIE Model: Move the “E” from the end to after the “A,” so your new model should read: AEDDI — Analyze, Evaluate, Design, Develop, Implement. 
 The reason for this is because you should always create your quiz, or evaluation, after you analyze your objectives but before you design and develop the Read more »

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